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What Is Finding Middle Earth?

Well, before I get into my new website/blog in detail, I will answer the headlining question for you. What is Finding Middle Earth?  The Finding Middle Earth blog will be a fun place for people to learn photography, download training videos,  get involved in great conversations, follow my personal photo adventures, book my photography services, win prizes in photo contests, and much more!  Most important, you will learn to see this wonderful earth in a very different and magical way than most people.



In More Detail:

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  I am so excited and honored to have you visit my photography blog!

My name is Eric Marks, founder of Finding Middle Earth, LLC.  I’m sure you can guess from the name of my website that I am a huge J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of The Rings fan.  If you are not familiar with Tolkien’s work, Middle Earth is a land of myth and legend where all of the events for the The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit took place.  That being said, I thought the name “Finding Middle Earth” fit very well for my site since I am constantly exploring nature to find locations that will open a door of myth, magic, fantasy, and “wonder” in order to create compelling images for my viewers. 

The purpose of my website/blog is to inspire every person that comes to visit my “hobbit hole” of the web to find their creative side, so they can really see the world differently….So they can see the world in a more magical light…

You will notice that the main focus of Finding Middle Earth is the blog on my home page.  This is where you will see weekly updates on my latest photo adventures, commercial photography, and all of my newest photos.  Any news, events, workshops, and contests will hit the blog or my newsletter before anything else.  I also offer free and paid step-by-step training videos with free support after the purchase.  Another very important aspect of my site is commercial licensing.  I have an entire page dedicated to explaining the different levels of licensing for my photos whether it’s individuals using my images for their blogs or fortune 500 companies using them for their marketing campaigns.

As for my background, I have been working in creative media my entire life.  I have been involved with many different types of photography for 10 years, i’ve owned and operated my own recording studio, directed live sound and lighting, and worked for Apple where I managed a team that created large and small scale business solutions for creative media companies.

Thank you all so much for your time!  


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