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Tornado Warning At Sunset

Threatening clouds, 40mph winds, tornado warnings in several different counties, and where do I find myself?  Duh!  I followed the last bit of light to the shores of Lake Allatoona!  When severe storms start to turn the sky into a mixture of that unsettling greenish-orange color, one would/should typically find somewhere to take refuge.  However, those crazy colors and clouds can produce some pretty insane looking sunsets!

So, I took my chances since all of my camera gear is weather sealed.  I was on the shoreline for about 40 minutes getting hit with rain and harsh winds before the beautiful orange sun revealed itself for just enough time to capture this unique image.  My favorite images are the ones that I know i’ll never be able to recreate.  I had no clue how crazy the clouds looked when I was actually at the lake shooting because I was so focused on what the light was doing.  I ‘m sure you can imagine my surprise when I got back to my workstation and saw this image on the computer.  I was very pleased that I bagged this shot after getting abused by the elements for 40 minutes, and I was very thankful that I remained safe the entire time I was there!

Final Thoughts

Often times, landscape and outdoor photographers are referred to as “creatures of the light.”  The explanation to this is that we almost always shoot when the light is at it’s most attractive time of day.  We get up early to shoot at sunrise and stay out late to shoot into sunset and the twilight hours.  However, there are a LOT of people and other photographers that think outdoor photography is as easy as going outside and pointing your camera at something pretty and coming home with a masterpiece to hang on the wall.  Honestly, it would be great if it actually worked like that!  I am not saying this to boast by any means.  I just want to inspire people to challenge their comfort zone and push their creative boundaries to make beautiful pieces of art!  If you want to know where to start, I would recommend looking at some of my photography training videos so that you will understand how far you can push your camera.

  In conclusion, I encourage EVERYONE to get out of the house and take photos whenever you can.  One of my favorite quotes is from Indiana Jones who says, “If you want to be a good archeologist, you have to get out of the library.”  Let that sink in 🙂

Have a great week!


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