NEW ON1 Photo RAW 2017.5 Update And Better Fujifilm RAW Support

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ON1 Photo RAW 2017.5

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ON1 has been doing great things for photographers with the release of ON1 Photo, and They have quickly been adding features and fixing bugs along the way. They truly listen to their photographers and have delivered some really great features with the 2017.5 update that was launched this morning!

Details Pane

When you opened a RAW file in the “develop” module before today, you would have access to the “tone and color” pane where you would tweak your exposure, contrast, and color. With the new update, we now have default access to the new “details” and “lens correction” panes.

The new details pane offers sharpening and noise reduction options, and they both seem to work really well, especially on Fujifilm RAW files. If you’re a Fujifilm user like me, you know how hard it is to find a RAW processor that renders and sharpens Fujifilm RAW files correctly. As of today, ON1 Photo 2017.5 easily has the best sharpening for X-Trans files in my personal opinion! I did testing on many different X-T2 files, and I was very impressed with the subtle but very effective ON1 algorithm. You can watch my video below to get an idea of just how good the sharpening really is.

Lens Correction Pane

I know it’s hard to get excited about lens corrections, but this feature did not exist at all in the previous version. A lot of Lightroom users I have talked to were “on the fence” about ON1 due to the lack of lens correction, so this should put their minds at ease. It operates just like the lens correction panels you’ve always known in other software, and it works great in combination with the “transform” tool. You can see an of this feature in my video below.

Compare Mode

This new feature is very useful and will absolutely be loved by wedding and event photographers! While you’re in the “browse” module, you can mass select a sequence of photos and enter “compare mode” to easily use the process of elimination to choose the best shot from the sequence. There are some really cool and intuitive features that make “compare mode” really nice and easy to use. You can see an example in my video below.

Other Honorable Mentions

STACKING PRESETS: In the effects module, you can now stack multiple presets on top of each other and use masks to pick and choose the best of each preset. Once you apply a preset to your image, you can hold the alt/option key to view the thumbnails of other presets with a preview of how they will look once they are stacked. I will make a video example of this soon on my FME YouTube Channel.

CLONE STAMP TOOL: The clone stamp retouching tool from the “Layers” module, is now inside of the “Develop” and “Effects” modules as part of the non-destructive workflow. There isn’t much else to say about this feature since most of you are familiar with clone stamping, but it’s definitely nice that we don’t have to enter the “Layers” module anymore just to clone out distractions in our photos.

LIGHTROOM MIGRATION ASSISTANT: This is a very cool and easy feature for people coming from years of Lightroom editing and cataloging. When in Lightroom, you simply visit the “File” dropdown selection, scroll to “plugin extras”, and select the “Migrate Catalog To ON1 Photo” option. It’s more or less a two-step-process to migrate from LR to On1 Photo 2017.5. All of your folders from LR will be accessible under the “Indexed Folders” tab in ON1, and your collections from LR will be accessible under the “Albums” tab in ON1. As for the edits and metadata, ON1 will create a separate sidecar file for each image for a super smooth migration. I specifically tested this feature to see how it would work in practice, and everything came over as expected. Obviously, the more folder and photos you have, the longer the migration will take. Go watch a Lord Of The Rings movie, and everything should be migrated and indexed when you’re done. Its a win-win situation 🙂


Is ON1 Photo 2017.5 perfect??? Of course not! It’s a new update and there will always be a few bug fixes and extra features that need to be added, but the fantastic news is that ON1 is one of those companies that really listens to their customers. With that said, thank you so much for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions!


An Unexpected Journey To Maryville, Tennessee

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An Unexpected Journey To Maryville, Tennessee…

My wife and I love visiting quaint little bed and breakfasts every Fall with her parents. We all love hiking and the outdoors, so it makes our trips super fun and filled with adventure.

To make a very long story short, we all booked a B&B that we had never been to before, and we had quite a few issues with the rooms when we arrived. After telling the staff about the rooms, they basically looked at us like we were crazy and told us that they had no other rooms available. 

So, we were over three hours from home, didn’t have a place to stay, and we were in the middle of nowhere…so we thought. We ended up driving to a few other places to check for available rooms, but everywhere was booked solid. Right before dark, we found this place that was tucked away in the forest down a dirt road called, Sweet Berries Bed And Breakfast in Maryville, Tennessee.

Cades Cove In The Great Smoky Mountains

After waking up from a great night of sleep and eating a super yummy breakfast, we realized that we had no clue where the heck we were. You could see the mountains from the porch, there was farmland in every direction, no sign of human life, and I was asking myself if I had actually “found” Middle Earth. 

The owners of the B&B were very sweet people, so when we told them that we were longing for a day of adventure, they told us that we would love to visit Cades Cove. If you don’t know what Cades Cove is, it’s an isolated valley hidden deep within The Great Smoky Mountains. Lucky for us, it was only a twenty-minute drive away, and it was filled with beautiful waterfalls, creeks with mossy rocks, great overlooks, and nothing but the peaceful sounds of nature. 

“Happy Accidents”

In the end, I really don’t know why or how we stumbled upon that beautiful little B&B tucked away in the woods, but I sure am glad we did. I think this entire story can be summed up with a quote by my one of my favorite artists, Bob Ross. He always said, “We don’t make mistakes, we make happy accidents.” Having problems with the first B&B and finding Sweet Berries B&B in Maryville, Tennessee was definitely a “happy accident” that I will never forget.

Here are some cool photos from Cades Cove!


This is one of many great overlooks along the winding road leading to Cades Cove.

This is one of many great overlooks along the winding road leading to Cades Cove.

This is Abrams Falls. The only way to see this peaceful scene is to hike over 5 miles into the Smoky Mountains. I promise it was worth it!

This is Abrams Falls. The only way to see this peaceful scene is to hike over 5 miles into the Smoky Mountains. I promise it was worth it!

This moss-ridden-creek is on the trail to Abrams Falls.

This moss-ridden-creek is on the trail to Abrams Falls.