Purchasing My Prints

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Purchasing My Prints



Ok, first things first….You guys ROCK!  I was not expecting the launch of my website to get this much traffic and attention in 3 days.  It’s ALL thanks to you!  

Second, I have received a ton of inquiries asking where people can custom order and purchase prints of my photos.  I am thrilled that you guys want prints of my work, and it helps me out so much with keeping the website running and being able to keep creating training videos as often as possible.  All of that being said, I am currently partnering with a great print studio that is going to help handle all of my custom print orders for sizing, paper type, and shipping them right to your door!  This will all be available VERY SOON!  I will be adding a new page to my site where everyone can access all of the different print options for my work.

I am very excited to start selling prints and giving everyone a very easy platform to use for all of the customization you want, from regular matte paper to premium grade canvas, and anything in between!  If anyone would like to purchase prints before this new page is up, please feel free to contact me personally, and I will give you all of the options and pricing.  Contact me HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



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