Kai Wong Says Goodbye To DigitalRev TV

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kai-says-goodbye-to-digitalrev-tvKai Wong Says A Bittersweet Goodbye To DRTV…

One of my favorite YouTube photography presenters, Kai Wong, announced that he is leaving DigitalRev and starting his own adventure on his personal channel.

Kai has been the main presenter for DRTV since 2009 with Lok, his cameraman, copresenter, and “bro from another mo” as Kai describes him. Kai and Lok have always been an epic pair with their quirky yet knowledgeable reviews and awkwardly humorous mixture of accents.

DigitalRev was the first YouTube photography channel that I came across, and I will always appreciate the many years of laughter and camera reviews they provided for me and millions of others. It’s always nice to see a couple of “real” dudes geek out over cool photography gear.

Here is the video that Kai made where he announced this big news:

In the end, Kai saying goodbye to DRTV will not change a thing for me. I think we all kind of saw this coming when Kai moved back to the UK and started appearing less and less on YouTube.

Nonetheless, I will still support Lok and Kai on their separate channels, and I wish them both the best of luck for the future! Can’t wait to see what Kai does with his personal channel!



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