iPad Pro Plotagraph DEMO – Animate Your Photos

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A Truly Magical App…

I love finding new apps to play around with when it comes to photography, and Plotagraph is one those apps that really sets itself apart from others. It’s hard to explain what the app does in a blog post so I have attached a video where I demo the photography voodoo that takes place when you go through the process of “animating” your photos.

For some, this app is going to be seen as an “art destroyer” or only for photography “noobs” that don’t know how to process their photos. PLEASE never let those types of photographers and artists bring you down. REAL art is all about having fun, trying new things, taking risks, and not being judgmental about anything until you give it a proper try! By giving movement and animation to certain photos, the Plotagraph app actually encompasses what a photo actually is when it’s stored in our memory. A photo is nothing more than a moment-in-time that we thought was worthy of capturing, and when we reminisce on those moments that we captured, we remember the motion and life that surrounded each of those special moments. Memories are never still images…

You can see the demo video I made below where I give you a quick example of how to use this app, and I highly recommend that you give it a try on your photos! It’s super fun and super easy to use!

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