iPad Pro Plotagraph DEMO – Animate Your Photos

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A Truly Magical App…

I love finding new apps to play around with when it comes to photography, and Plotagraph is one those apps that really sets itself apart from others. It’s hard to explain what the app does in a blog post so I have attached a video where I demo the photography voodoo that takes place when you go through the process of “animating” your photos.

For some, this app is going to be seen as an “art destroyer” or only for photography “noobs” that don’t know how to process their photos. PLEASE never let those types of photographers and artists bring you down. REAL art is all about having fun, trying new things, taking risks, and not being judgmental about anything until you give it a proper try! By giving movement and animation to certain photos, the Plotagraph app actually encompasses what a photo actually is when it’s stored in our memory. A photo is nothing more than a moment-in-time that we thought was worthy of capturing, and when we reminisce on those moments that we captured, we remember the motion and life that surrounded each of those special moments. Memories are never still images…

You can see the demo video I made below where I give you a quick example of how to use this app, and I highly recommend that you give it a try on your photos! It’s super fun and super easy to use!

An Unexpected Journey To Maryville, Tennessee

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An Unexpected Journey To Maryville, Tennessee…

My wife and I love visiting quaint little bed and breakfasts every Fall with her parents. We all love hiking and the outdoors, so it makes our trips super fun and filled with adventure.

To make a very long story short, we all booked a B&B that we had never been to before, and we had quite a few issues with the rooms when we arrived. After telling the staff about the rooms, they basically looked at us like we were crazy and told us that they had no other rooms available. 

So, we were over three hours from home, didn’t have a place to stay, and we were in the middle of nowhere…so we thought. We ended up driving to a few other places to check for available rooms, but everywhere was booked solid. Right before dark, we found this place that was tucked away in the forest down a dirt road called, Sweet Berries Bed And Breakfast in Maryville, Tennessee.

Cades Cove In The Great Smoky Mountains

After waking up from a great night of sleep and eating a super yummy breakfast, we realized that we had no clue where the heck we were. You could see the mountains from the porch, there was farmland in every direction, no sign of human life, and I was asking myself if I had actually “found” Middle Earth. 

The owners of the B&B were very sweet people, so when we told them that we were longing for a day of adventure, they told us that we would love to visit Cades Cove. If you don’t know what Cades Cove is, it’s an isolated valley hidden deep within The Great Smoky Mountains. Lucky for us, it was only a twenty-minute drive away, and it was filled with beautiful waterfalls, creeks with mossy rocks, great overlooks, and nothing but the peaceful sounds of nature. 

“Happy Accidents”

In the end, I really don’t know why or how we stumbled upon that beautiful little B&B tucked away in the woods, but I sure am glad we did. I think this entire story can be summed up with a quote by my one of my favorite artists, Bob Ross. He always said, “We don’t make mistakes, we make happy accidents.” Having problems with the first B&B and finding Sweet Berries B&B in Maryville, Tennessee was definitely a “happy accident” that I will never forget.

Here are some cool photos from Cades Cove!


This is one of many great overlooks along the winding road leading to Cades Cove.

This is one of many great overlooks along the winding road leading to Cades Cove.

This is Abrams Falls. The only way to see this peaceful scene is to hike over 5 miles into the Smoky Mountains. I promise it was worth it!

This is Abrams Falls. The only way to see this peaceful scene is to hike over 5 miles into the Smoky Mountains. I promise it was worth it!

This moss-ridden-creek is on the trail to Abrams Falls.

This moss-ridden-creek is on the trail to Abrams Falls.


Nikon Announcement For Photokina 2016!

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Nikon Announcement!

With Photokina only 48 hours away, Nikon just posted on all of their social media that they have “news” for us tomorrow, September 19th, at 10am EST. This is really exciting! It finally confirms that Nikon is going to have a big reveal for Photokina. However, there are a ton of people wondering what exactly this “news” will be.

nikon-news-graphicHigh Hopes

If you follow my YouTube Channel or my blog, you probably already know that I am hoping for Nikon to drop the D810 successor tomorrow. It’s definitely no secret that thousands of Nikon users are hoping for this as well, but there is tons of speculation on what features will be packed into this camera. I will put a list below of the most common rumors and requests going around the interwebz as we speak 🙂

  • 42, 50, 72, 80, or 100 megapixels. (I think it will be between 60 and 70)
  • Dynamic range from the current 14.9 stops to the mid 15 range. (I would agree)
  • Button layout from the D5 with dedicated ISO button. (I would agree)
  • Touchscreen and snap-bridge from the D5/D500. (I would agree)
  • AF system from D5/D500. (I think it will be a different AF system but maybe better)
  • Completely different and smaller form factor. (I think it will be the same but without pop up flash)

Here is a video where I start some fun conversation about Photokina:

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, I will be a buyer of the D810 successor as long as they greatly improve the AF system and improve the dynamic range. I don’t have to have all of the other rumored features, but they would be a great bonus! In my closing sentence, I will advise you all to only purchase new camera equipment if it really helps and fits into your workflow…..or if you have tons of disposable income. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I can’t wait to chat about Nikon’s “news” tomorrow!



Why Is The Rum Gone

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Photography & Seafood Adventures 

This photo was taken on a super fun adventure that me, my dad, and my brother went on while we were vacationing in Panama City Beach.  My dad knows that I am obsessed with seafood and taking photos, so he wanted to take my brother and I on a day-trip to Apalachicola, Florida where they have the best oysters in the world.  I had never been to Apalachicola before so I was really excited to embark on a day of adventure, seafood, and photography!

It was a beautiful drive from Panama City Beach to Apalachicola!  We stopped probably ten times along the way for me to take photos and for us to try different seafood of course.  I took a lot of photos that day for documentary purposes, but the one I ended up using for my portfolio was the photo you see below of the abandoned ship consumed by sand.  I saw the boat as we were crossing the bridge to enter St. George Island, and I immediately asked my dad to find a place where we could pull off the road and hike to it.  Without going into detail, it was quite a difficult process hiking down to the ship due to things like high tide, steep hills, slippery rocks, etc. However, it was all worth it once I saw the immediate result on the back of my camera.  It was an awesome location for photos!


NEW PHOTO – “Why Is The Rum Gone”


Photography Video Tutorial

I made a quick video while I was photographing boat to show everyone how I helped mother nature out a little by adding an element from my surroundings into the shot for a stunning final composition.  If you have any questions at all or simply want to talk about seafood, lets chat in the comments!

NEW VIDEO – Landscape Photography Tutorial – Abandoned Boat


Textures Of Morocco

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Capturing The Essence Of Morocco

The streets of Morocco are filled with all sorts of interesting architecture.  As a photographer, I see the world differently from most people.  Most people view the “big picture” of a beautiful scene, but my eyes always notice the fine details.  In this case, textures!  I am oddly obsessed with studying different textures.  Might sound strange… However, if Morocco’s market places weren’t filled with gritty walls and cracked roads, I would have never been inspired to create this photograph.  Enjoy!


NEW PHOTO –  “Textures Of Morocco”