Best Black Friday/Holiday Camera Deals 2016!

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Camera Deals Or “SCAMERA” Deals?

Ok, so I typically never get too excited about Black Friday camera deals since most of them are “SCAMERA” deals. However, this year, Nikon and B&H are doing some pretty killer camera bundles and discounts!

If you’re a Nikon shooter or you’re thinking about switching to Nikon from another brand, now is the time. Nikon has discounted quite a few of their camera bodies anywhere from $200 to $500 off of the retail price! Oh, and did I mention that Nikon is including their very expensive OEM factory battery grips for free with most of their DSLR bodies!? Pretty awesome!

My top pick camera deals are below:


  • Nikon D500: $200 off and includes the battery grip plus some goodies from B&H. This is probably the best deal I have seen since this camera is so new. I will probably buy this one myself! B&H PRODUCT LINK

  • Nikon D810: Ok, so this one is a great deal too, but not as good as B&H says it is. It says $500 off on the website, but it’s really $300 off because this camera has been on a permanent sale for almost a year now. Still a great deal and comes with the battery grip. B&H PRODUCT LINK

  • Nikon D7200: $200 off and this one does not come with the battery grip for some reason. However, this is a wonderful camera and a great option if you don’t want to spend the extra money for the D500. B&H PRODUCT LINK


  • Nikon 14-24 f/2.8: $200 off the retail price, and any amount of money off of this lens is considered a good deal. B&H PRODUCT LINK

  • Nikon 24-120: This lens isn’t technically “on sale” since it’s refurbished, but it is still a killer deal. This lens retails for almost $1,100. Check out the crazy low price that they’re selling it for now! B&H PRODUCT LINK

I hope this helped some of you find some sweet deals on photography gear! Have a great holiday weekend!



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