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It’s a little weird talking about myself, but I promise I will be 100% honest without sounding weird!

I’m a classy laid back gentlemen with an old soul, a need to explore, and a love for photography.  I have been told all of my life by many different people that I was born in the wrong time era.  Why do people say this?  Well, i’m not sure to be honest….MY guess is because I’m a huge Lord of The
Rings fan, I love Science Fiction, I daydream pretty often, and I’m “that guy” who wishes he could jump into a world of hobbits, wizards, myth, and legend to never return.  Like there’s a time era that has all of that awesomeness?  So, I use photography and art to express my dreams and love for all of those things.  I always try to find specific moments and locations that add a bit a magic into my images.  It’s my dream that my work inspires everyone to find their creativity and learn how to express it in a magical way!


As for my background, I have been working in creative media my entire life.  I have been involved with many different types of photography for the past 11 years, i’ve owned and operated my own recording studio, directed live sound and lighting, and worked for Apple where I managed a team that created large and small scale business solutions for creative media companies.


  • Name:  Eric Marks
  • Gender:  Dude
  • Lives in:  Atlanta, GA
  • Age:  29
  • Married:  Yes



  • Books On Benjamin Franklin
  • Photography
  • The Outdoors
  • Disney World
  • Books, Books, Books
  • Sci Fi Conventions
  • The Ocean
  • Gaming
  • Collecting Lord of The Rings memorabilia
  • Egyptian History
  • Movies, Movies, Movies
  • Writing Music
  • Apple Products
  • Museums

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to get to know me! I would love to get to know all of you as well, so lets talk on the the blog!! See you there!


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  1. Julianne says:

    I would love to buy some of your work to frame! Prints are what I looking for. Specifically some of your Disney work.
    I would love to see some of your photos if you go to Harry Potter World.

    • ericmarksadmin says:

      Thanks so much for your interest and kind words, Julianne! I am so glad you enjoy my Disney photos! I love Harry Potter as well! I will email you all of the information on purchasing prints.


  2. Gina Heaton says:

    Hey Eric,
    Holy snap! You live very close to me! I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and most of the things you listed on your bio. I go to the movies on a regular basis. I love ,love ,love the movie theater. Yeah! People like me. Im a newbie to your site but I really like your work. I’m a newbie to the DSLR but I work in a large hospital lab with lots of expensive high tech equipment that I can work on and I’m fast on the computer functions too. And I’m a grandma!! Nothing slow about me. I haven’t had time to search your site but I’m hopping you do some workshops. I wished I could shadow someone for a couple of days on photoshop. I’m just all over the place with it. I do have a solid oragnized workflow. I’m just learning so much so quick. I’m loving the direction I’m going. Never stop learning and growing. Love your videos. Greate job. I look forward to seeing more of your work and videos!

    • Eric Marks (founder) says:

      Hi Gina, that instantly makes you awesome in my book that you love LOTR, Harry Potter, etc! That’s cool that you live close. What part of town are you in? I am near Acworth at Lake Allatoona. Being a newbie to the DSLR is nothing to worry about by the way. This is the best time to be a photographer with all of the great technology we have in our cameras these days 🙂

      I do plan on doing workshops in 2017, and I will be letting everyone know via the blog and YouTube once I lock down dates and locations. Take care!


  3. Joseph Jessey says:

    HI Eric, it’s your UTube friend Joe. I’m trying to find on your website where and when you’ll be hosting a workshop.

    • Eric Marks (founder) says:

      Hi Joe, I have a dedicated page for my workshops once I have locked down locations and dates for each year. I am still trying to work out the logistics for next year since these will be my first workshops offered to photographers out-of-state. Thank you very much for your interest, and I promise I will let you know personally when I have locked down location and dates. Take care, Joe!


  4. Jeffrey Stites says:

    I Googled Disney Photography and you popped up. The name of the site drew me right in, as a fellow Tolkien fan. I’ve watched your most recent Disney video and picked up some tips I hope to use this weekend on our short trip to WDW. We’ll be doing an After Hours event with low atrendence, so I’m hoping to grab some cool long exposures. I’m still figuring out a lot about photography and loving the journey, and I truly appreciate the advice people like you have shared. Thanks!


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